John Boyega might be reprising his role as Finn in the next Star Wars movie

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“Many people are saying…” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@dnealy Small typo in first paragraph:

Barring Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

Red One standing by!

(Before I get trounced - I know that’s not the quote.)



If they’re going into battle, they’re gonna look damn good doing it.


Hard pass. I’m done with Star Wars. They could have had an interesting story with the sequel trilogy and they just didn’t. I’m tired of being slapped in the face.


Yeah, oh boy is that a pretty wobbly source. But hopefully it’s true - Boyega was done dirty and criminally underutilized as the series went on. (Although this is really true of much of the new cast - turned into bit players in the Skywalker saga.)

Yeah, the first movie reiterated some of the original trilogy, but my feeling at the time was that it was potentially okay because it set up the second movie to do something new - which it did, slightly - but then that was undone by the third movie. (While none managed to be as interesting as Rogue One, which was still firmly within genre conventions.) I’ve already largely forgotten the movies, but what stayed with me was a huge sense of irritation. But this is what happens with big corporate franchises - they play it safe and, in handing the reins to different people, also end up with wildly uneven products.

If they had stuck with their apparently plan to release a Star Wars movie every year, we might have ended up with a good one just through chance and sheer numbers.


“Maybe it’s Midiclorians; maybe she’s born with it.”


A good general rule is “if you want a satisfying conclusion then don’t bring in J.J. Abrams.”


They definitely wasted the potential of his character, but of course that’s also true for many other characters in that trilogy like Rose and Captain Phasma. Not sure I’d say that he just “faded into the background” though. His character got the second longest amount of screentime in the trilogy, about 20 minutes more than Kylo. Only Rey had more screentime.

I was never a big Star Wars fan. But I’ll wait to see what develops before making any decisions.

If it’s Trek; I’ll watch any and all of it. Even the worst examples.

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It’s a well known fact that there are no minorities or women in space.

Asshat fanboys.


I can’t help myself!



“The Force does not belong to the Jedi” was the most interesting thing Luke Skywalker ever said … and then it didn’t go anywhere

They didn’t do anything with it :unamused:


Most of the interesting elements seemed to get ignored or contradicted…

Why are they making this again, the last 3 films where the worst 3 films, lets bring back chars people associate with our worst movies, like the only way they could make it worse is to bring back jarjar binks…

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Well they certainly weren’t the best, but it’s debatable which film was the worst.

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