Star Wars sans music


Bombastic? It almost sounds like you’re saying something bad about the score to Star Wars, but only a crazy person would do that, so I’m going to assume I misinterpreted that.

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I thought that it was interesting that John Williams’ Hollywood Bowl concert this year didn’t have any footage of Star Wars/Indiana Jones/ET/Jurassic Park/etc…
Over the past 5 years the use of video seemed to decrease every time that I saw the concert – I assume that this is due to licensing getting more complicated/expensive.

On the one hand, I like that these videos show how music makes a boring scene less boring. But what annoys me about their work is that they add in dumb sounds instead.

But imagine if Frank Zappa had said yes when they asked him to do the soundtrack.

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Sun Ra!

I don’t understand that bit of Jupiter at the beginning. It’s not sans music if it’s not sans music.

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Am I the only one that assumes there’s no dialogue in this scene to make room for the music? This is kind of like taking all the exposition out of a complicated movie and complaining it’s impossible to understand.

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Seems just fine to me. Some inappropriate lesé majesté between the protagonists, but the audience wouldn’t see that so - as I say - just fine. Everybody knows what they’re all there for. Polite applause suffices.

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