Star Wars: The Force Awakens, behind the scenes video

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Please, please, please don’t suck.


With the introduction music I was worried that they’d given up on the whole John Williams space opera and mushed it with some Coldplay meets Tears for Fears softness. I just needed to remind myself that this is not the movie. Just a behind the scene teaser. I watched the whole thing silently the first time and loved it, and then found the intro music really distracting on following viewings.

Anyway it was exciting to see all the bits we expect to see. I do hope they move out from the shadow of the first Trilogy and explore more and not stay slavishly stuck like Terminator Genisys for example, with its geriatric retread and cut and paste storyline.

OK JJ, don’t fuck it up.



Heh, I watched the whole thing for the first time, while involuntarily making excited muppet noises and distracting the dog.


I wish they’d closed-captioned it.

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