Dig some groovy, diverse jazz sounds from Italian film!

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Vinyl only? Lame.
If you want some more groovy Italian tracks
Flipper Psychout is really great compilation Italian production/library music and Commedia Sexy All’Italiana is just plain fun music.

I was a big fan of the Easy Tempo series when they came out c. 20yrs ago. Fantastic sets of double albums. So many great tunes. Unbelievable the amount of quality rare groove from Italy. Bit short on background information. There were other series as well, and I had some individual comps that were actually pretty dodgy. But the Easy Tempo series were great.

The biggest problem for me was they just kept coming out and they cost money!

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Oh yeah for all kinds of Euro and Asian cool film music there is also the El Diabolik Podcast which always make my day so much better when a new episode is releasaed.

Cool! I’ll check that out.

That kind of stuff was pretty much the first thing I did when I discovered the Internet and I’m still such an amateur.

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