Dig this Beatnik Glossary


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We don't blab any drab gab -- we chatter hep patter

Cool daddy-o.



I see they left out the dirty words, especially one of my beatnik hero’s favourite exclamations:



You rang?


Historically accurate or not, “Swings in Squaresville” is my new alias hereafter…



Tough toenails? My mom said tough toenails. I suppose she was the right generation to be beatnik but… the revelation!




My father, who is actually a part of the Beat Generation never talked like this. I call shenanigans.

I’m gonna start calling people Mazdas now, though. Because why not. I don’t hang with those square Datsuns.


Edit: I suppose that I shouldn’t use that pic without linking to here:



Yes! The Beats are not the same as Beatniks.

Beatniks were societal poseurs, hence the “nik” in their descriptor.


The real deal:


Ah, to live in a time when being called a “dildoe” was only moderately insulting.


A critical reference, along with a late 1950s TV guide, for doing crossword puzzles.


I get most of these. But “moss moss” for etc etc?

I don’t get that one.


Also, at the time, the term ‘beatnik’ was pretty much known as a media caricature that trivialized what was going on.


Well, “mas” means more in Spanish, so that sorta makes sense.