Dino-chicken creation inevitable


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What a fine idea, because just what this world needs is velociraptor-chickens.


“50% there”…
The first 50%, which is the 10%? The second 50% is usually the 90%, and sometimes much more.


“I bet the ‘professor of paleontology’ in the story is Jack Horner, one-issue crank,” I wagered to myself. So I won the bet and now I must drink a bottle of Schneider Porter-Weisse in forfeit, such are the wagers of gambling.

We should note in the interests of full disclosure that Horner was halfway to a Chickensaurus this time last year:
He was halfway there in 2012.
He was halfway there in 2009, IIRC.


I am tempted, tempted, to buy an OpenPCR and step in.
…why are the enzymes and DNA fragments so expensive??? Could we have some DIY way for isolating the needed materials? Electrophoretic or chromatographic separation of the goods from cell lysate is easy-ish, the primary problem will be in identifying the band to cut and extract…


And you wouldn’t believe how much it costs to rent laboratory space in a volcano island lair.


You cannot just rent a space. You have to build it from scratch.


They are 50% of the way there. They have a chicken.



Foghornus Leghornicus.


Well, of course. Do you really think we want your kind renting around here? This is a quality volcano, filled with quality villains. We have property values to consider, after all.


In the equation “Find Chicken DNA” + “Find Dino DNA” = Dino-chicken, I suppose they are 50% there.


Volcano evil villain lairs are for poseurs. True Scotsman Villains build their lair in their enemies headquarters. Subvert and poison minds from the inside.



I wonder what it’ll taste like?


Jack Horner is to “turning a chicken into a dinosaur” what engineer Paul Moller is to “building a flying car.” He manages to grab a few headlines every once in a while, even landing the occasional cover story on a popular science or tech magazine… but in terms of a viable proof-of-concept he leaves a lot to be desired.


You know what? A mid-city apartment block will do the initial-phase job quite well, cheaper, and without sticking out. And you don’t want to stick out until you have your robot army of cyborg sharks with fricking lasers. Or nukes. Or whatever.


Comets. That stupid moon is going down. Now getting out to the Ort cloud will take a little engineering…


Well, it doesn’t look very scary. More like a six-foot turkey.


Know what I want more than Dino chickens? Moa birds.


In Jurassic Park, chicken eat you!


Petshop all sold out of evil-mad-scientist white persian cats. Had to make do with white hamster.