Dinosaurs make the perfect travel companions

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I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks that dinosaurs make the perfect time travel companions!

My points:

  1. Time traveling dinosaurs are so far ahead of their point of origin on the time continuum that - absent some quantum violation of macro-causality they will be unable to create a paradox.

  2. Due to the butterfly effect they are still likely to cause all sorts of relatively near future cataclysmic alterations to the time continuum. (think within next 1000 years)

  3. This will prompt a steady influx of time travelers attempting to stop you from time traveling with dinosaurs. But since you know they will be coming you can set up traps and catch them, kill them, and steal their future tech to sell on eBay!

And anyway, that’s my business plan.


“Why darling, is that Isla Nublar down there?”

it’s like Dinosaur Comics, but IRL.

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You can even take them into space


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