Dire Straits' "Walk of Life" is the perfect ending to any movie

counter example: Any film based on an Irvine Welsh story.

If you try, you had better hope Irvine does not find out, he’ll go radge if he does.

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I don’t think it would work for Dazed and Confused.

The Corporation
The Corporation 2
The Family
Free Willy 2
sure. Also; oh so that was the lyric then. Not walk-off knife, waka daife, gnocca of dykes…sure, it’s when continuous CPR for 6 hours results in a walk reflex (it is not an indicator of life.) WALK OF LIFE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary Also, classism happens. [Mirror lack clad stormtroopers appear, ask ‘Welcome to Olive Garden, would you like to hear our specials?’]

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Hurlements en faveur de Sade

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