Director SS Rajamouli breaks down his Oscar-winning musical number "Naatu Naatu"

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I admit, I though some of the dance moves were animated - they were so fast and complicated.

Mind completely blown.

Depends on which measures you choose.
Nollywood, Bollywood and whatever soubriquet we might come up for for the cinema of china are all not that small.

As far as I know, in matters of dollars made in total, Hollywood still may be the biggest, though. And it definitely defined the definition of cinema…

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There’s going to be a flood of How-To videos for that.

The danger of Naatu Naatu winning is that the academy will now start considering Indian films when nominating original songs, and the sheer volume of total bangers with dope dance numbers will flood the nomination process. : )

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It’s like “America is the greatest”. It’s not that it is untrue so much as it is that it is uncritically stated.

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