South African audience celebrates 'Black Panther'


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Do not repeat my mistake: avoid the comments on the Vimeo video.


Yeah, I can easily imagine. That kind of thing scares the hell out of a lot of white Americans, sadly. Pathologically.


I imagine it to be exactly the same as YouTube comments, except everyone’s wearing a pretentious trilby, and it takes twice as long to load


Saw the movie and it was amazing, i would have loved to have gone outside and seen a dance circle! Would remind me of home. In Venezuela we have a drum beat dance that’s afro-centric and the dancing is pretty similar :slight_smile:


I saw the movie and thought it was pretty good for a comic book movie (I’m generally not a fan). In the theater I saw it in, there was a applause at the end which I always find a little odd.

Nobody dancing in the lobby though. That would have been fun to see. I’m trying to think of the last movie that made me want to celebrate in the lobby with other viewers and sadly I can’t think of anything recent. I might be too jaded or maybe I go see too many movies.


I’ve excitedly stuck around with friends after seeing Pixar movies to talk about the animation, the tech they focused on (fur, lighting, water, etc). Think Pixar has the best track record for really connecting with me, when compared to other movies. It is a passtime for me to trash talk a movie after having seen it though, i get just about as much enjoyment from that too :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m looking forward to seeing it. Although I don’t ever applaud, I like that it happens for some, but not all, movies. Unlike live performances where a standing ovation has long been the norm, regardless of the performance.


There was a standing ovation in the theater I saw it in (opening night), and that’s in Boston. No dancing, though. It’s not much of a dancing town.

I do suggest avoiding the 3D showings, however. I’m generally not a huge fan of 3D anyhow, but it doesn’t add anything to the film and makes several scenes unnecessarily dark.


The most recent movie that I keep thinking about after seeing it is The Shape of Water. I really enjoyed the movie, but it was the beautiful set design that grabbed my attention.

I really want to walk around in Elisa’s neighbor’s (played by Richard Jenkins) apartment.


Still haven’t seen that movie, might end up catching it when it comes out on Netlfix or disk since i dont think its playing here anymore but i’ve heard really good things :slight_smile:


The Reddit thread on /r/videos was closed in 2 hours, It was not pretty.


hopefully the success of this movie has implications for all kinds of genres since it has thoroughly destroyed the notion that films with black heroes don’t sell tickets.


That’s just sad. I was smiling through the whole video. I don’t know how anyone could see this as anything but awesome. Too bad for them.


They weren’t hurting anyone, just having a great time. I would have loved to have been there, to be moved to dance after watching a movie? That’s a level of joy more people should feel more often and its sad that some used the video as an opportunity to be toxic.


Misery loves company; that’s never stooped being true.


Being so negative all the time just seems exhausting. I don’t know where said people get all that energy to get so worked up over nothing, but i do not care to understand them.


Let’s say “some” white Americans lest you sound as racist as some of those stupidly scared white Americans by assuming any ethnic or racial group is one solid mass with lockstep behavior and beliefs.


“A lot of” implies “some, but not all”.


Meh, I think people who identify as culturally “white” are scared of non-whiteness by definition.