Anti-Beyonce rally a flop


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Why would anyone organise this kind of event anyway?


Like most conservatives I know, the extent of their activism was probably limited to liking the call to protest of Facebook.


“This video is not available in your country.”

A summary of the SNL skit (or alternative, non-region locked link) for those of us in such third world places as Canada would be welcome.


No self-respecting Black Panther woman would wear tights, and everyone had Afros back then, not long hair. So the resemblance is light.

PBS started showing a documentary about the real Black Panthers last night, with the usual number of repeats this week. There one can see real Black Panthers, who were probably choreographed, but weren’t dancing


I would have showed up to protest “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”-- I don’t actually have any gripe with the message of the song, I’m just so damn sick of hearing it everywhere I go.

Then maybe afterwards I would go to McDonalds to protest this “all-day breakfast” crap, “Bring Back the McRib!”

People need to get their priorities straight.



Oh yeah! Beyonce is coming for you!


Meh. Janet Jackson and Public Enemy both pulled off the look better.

Fun Fact: Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 was the first REAL tape I ever bought (vs dubs from my cousins collection).


This is the first time I heard there was some issue here. Only being a part-time white person I guess I sometimes miss out on what white people are angry about. If almost no one showed up at the rally does that mean that white people, in general, weren’t really angry about Beyonce’s performance? What is this? Was this something contrived to cause outrage but it just kinda fizzled out? Are white people too busy being angry at other things and they just don’t have the bandwidth to spare on this issue? What am I looking at here? Again, what is this?


Impossible. But it’s hilarious. But maybe you have to be American to laugh, I dunno.


I think most of the kerfuffle is a way for some white people to laugh at some other white people.


It’s a variation on “The War On Christmas”-- conservative pundits need to constantly find something to promote an “us-vs.-them” rage; feeling like you are always under attack keeps the herd mentality strong. In this case Beyonce making a protest against police brutality is framed as : “you are either with the cops or with the criminals”, which conveniently ignores that sometimes cops are criminals. Quentin Tarantino got some of the same flack last year-- speaking out against police brutality is not speaking out against the police, it’s speaking out against brutality, but cops and conservatives don’t see it that way, for them it’s “you’re either with us or you’re against us.”


Y’know how conservatives have, for years, been making fun of the left for being too emotional, too thin-skinned?

It’s outrage at black women wearing berets while looking tough, and outrage at black women for calling for justice for someone killed by a police officer. In the former…Jesus H. Christ that’s a reach, and in the latter, it’s a bunch of idiots who seem to think that “justice” means “he didn’t do anything wrong”.


Basically … “Whaaaaat!!! Beyonce is black!!!” And white people panic like the apocalypse has begun.


Or they don’t really care (unlike what the negligible but noisy segment looks like on the Net), as the rally attendance suggests.

Internet outrages are usually little tempests rattling in their teapot.


The costume and look of her performance was literally a tribute to the Michael Jackson Super Bowl show. Clips of it were actually in the video and his performance was probably even more controversial.


Judging general outrage of a population with Internet comments probably isn’t the best metric.


Ah, that brings back memories!


Would you like eggs or sausage with that?