Rally against mass surveillance, DC, Oct. 26--'Stop Watching Us'


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I may have to attend, just to get the official t-shirt for the event

Damn, I’d attend this too, but already had plans well before I knew about it. May be able to make both work, because this is a big deal.

Then again, I have lived outside DC for over a decade, and feel like these rallies come and go, but nothing changes. Hell most of them aren’t really as well attended as whatever promotional outlet backs it would like you to think[0]. But I’d still show up to this if I can, since I’d like to see numbers up on this one.

[0] I’m looking at you Fox News/Koch Bros. and your BS numbers about tea party rallies. The only massive shut down the city “rally” I’ve ever seen was put on by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The rest aren’t that big a deal.

Isn’t there something a bit funny about posting a video from “Stop Watching Us”?

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Sadly and surprisingly, the European equivalent petition is struggling to get 5,000 signatures.

Petition by Index on Censorship

You can expect the rally to be under heavy surveillance by the authorities.

Wow,I thought South Park made this one up. Guess there are people actually giving confessions to the DMV somewhere also.

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