Mass anti-surveillance demonstration in DC on Oct 26




I’m very happy that we are marching on Washington. My hope is that after the march we can form an organization, grow it, and make real structural change. The leadership of this country has made life hell for virtually everyone they affect. I wish every high ranking official elected, appointed, or hired was forced into early retirement. They have miserably failed the country on every metric. They need to go.


Mass-surveillance is here to stay. Just because we now know it exists doesn’t mean it’s going away. And a congregation of nerds descending on Washington will make absolutely no difference whatsoever so why bother?




Just remember to change the pitch of your voice, keep your head tilted to one side, and put rocks in your shoes to alter your gait.


Wow, deep “Little Brother” reference.


If I go to this, what can I expect? I’ve never been to a protest march before. Kettling? Water cannons? Cops with tear gas guns? A bunch of people in non-descript suits taking pictures of us all? Anonymous calls to my employer, suggesting my continued employment would present a problem if they should want more gov’t contracts?

Despite what the naysayers may say, this is important. I want to do my part. I will not just lay down because “its never going away”. The only way I know for certain to lose a fight is to not fight. We may not win, but are you really going to be coward enough to not even try?


Apathy at it’s finest.


Probably all of the above, and then some, mate.


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