Hundreds of '#ProtectMueller' Trump protests planned for Thursday November 8


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Thursday, November 8.


You ever get the feeling all the protests aren’t working?



I saw this all over my Facebook back when they first put up the site but since the protests were triggered I haven’t barely seen it. I have no idea what coverage it’s getting but I worry that it won’t get great turnout. There’s also always the tension between having protests when someone’s in the offices to see you protest and having them at a time when all the potential protesters aren’t also working.


I’ll see y’all there. Had to cancel an afternoon meeting and pull both kids out of evening activities so they can go with me. Damned if we’re not going to be seen and heard!


In a couple of months Mike Pence will be swearing a record number of women into congress—including two who will be sworn in on a Qur’an. And for the first time in almost a decade the Congressional Science Committee will be led by someone who believes in the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change.

I’m not saying that the Women’s March and March for Science were the biggest driving factors behind those changes but they sure didn’t hurt.


Thanks. I needed that.


I’m going, in order to offer social proof to anyone watching in my red red state that there are people who think the Mueller investigation matters and should continue.

It doesn’t really feel to me like the kind of five-alarm emergency envisioned for this nationwide protest, but that’s also part of the problem, we’re living a slow-motion emergency, with one small-to-moderate loss following another. It’s never a clarion call, just a gradual raising of the temperature. None the less, the reason Trump’s been after Sessions all this time is because of his recusal from supervising Mueller, and now that Sessions is being replaced with someone who seems willing to do Trump’s bidding, I guess that’s enough of a reason to protest.

One question I see is “if we do this now, what are we going to do if Mueller is fired?” Well, go again, and consider this a practice to learn from. And communication really could improve, it’s been very spotty, not confidence-inspiring. The website shows two different addresses for the protest (off by digits, but still) and as of yesterday was referring to a politician no longer in office. Maybe this will be a chance to shake out some of those problems.

About 1,000 people signed up.


In the area I’m now in the actual attendance always far exceeds the RSVPs (about 850 at the moment) at any given march. In my case, people are meeting at a small park, then crossing a bridge (also a state line) to join others at a city square that’s about a 10-15 minute walk away.

Need a new sign, though. My last one was a rant directed at Sessions. Am right out of smart ass pithy protest slogans. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (/s)

ETA (850 combined groups from both states.)


That’s good to hear. I was guessing it’d be the other way around.

I’m going with WHITAKER RECUSE. And maybe RULE OF LAW on the back side if I get ambitious.



Every step in that direction is a step none the less.


I wish I could join a protest. Unfortunately, my computer bit the big one, and I was up all night trying to fix it. Literally too sleepy to protest something that should give me waking nightmares

Thanks a lot, Apple!


Hmm, I’ll have to mark my calendar…for today. These organizers aren’t making it easy to have a life/job/etc… and still protest.


Ah, I have work on Thursday. I’ll have to revisit fixing our democracy to a later date.


I’ll be there. Will you? And yes, we need to do more and different things.


I attended a rally. Marched to the senator’s local office. The crowd was addressed by a staff member (senator was in a different rally across town). He’s a Dem, firmly on the side of protecting Mueller’s investigation from getting sent into oblivion.

Had one counter protester, a white worker at a restaurant, who resented all the “chaff” being allowed into the country (like his ancestors did). His final comment was a big “fuck you all.” Nice to have intelligent, reasoned discourse in this country.


It’s been a long time coming, but



Took some time before there was a lull in cars passing by - most of which cheerily honked in support much to the delight of the crowd - to grab this pic.

@tekna2007 settled on a Move On printout taped to one side and snark on the back.


Awesome! :slight_smile:

I went with a single-sided plan (not ambitious after all). I had about 15 minutes to make it, so ended up taping printer paper to cardboard then using packing tape to tape that to my hiking staff. I liked being able to hold it up high.

Yeah we had honks the whole time, it was great. Surprisingly great, I didn’t know I’d feel that but it mattered.