#ProtectMueller protests demand justice, “Trump is not above the law.” (Video, Photos)


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I can’t help nihilistically wondering if this will accomplish anything. It’s not like the Republican party cares what people think right now, or what’s right and honorable. If it’s politically expedient to fire Mueller, they’ll fire Mueller…


Looking at it purely from a perspective of staying in power, now would be the time to fire him, longest possible time to the next election. Gives people time to forget…


Public outcry in response to Trump’s firing of Comey was one of the factors that created the political will to get the Mueller investigation going in the first place. (Comey was fired on May 9 of 2017, the Mueller investigation formally launched on May 17.)


It always matters.


Just canning Mueller is risky.

You can bet if there is a legal way for him to dump all of the information he has, he will do it in response.

Mueller runs a tight ship. I do not think anyone outside his circle knows truly the extent of what he knows.

So Trump is in a situation where he can either risk an information dump through unofficial channels, or suppressing that information dump when the report concludes–which is itself a risk because of the incoming house. This route would have to happen soon.


Periodic reminder that Mueller is:

a) A cop.

b) A Republican.

c) One of the bastards that lied you into the Iraq war.


I don’t want of any nihilism. I had enough with it.

Nihilism got thousands of civil servants to quit instead of stay on and fight the criminal white supremacist response for a black man daring to be one of our greatest presidents.

This ennui towards standing up, empathy fatigue, this grabbing of intellectual ankle or what have you, please leave it behind at your door.

Move on.


So was canning Comey then going on national television to say the firing was motivated by his unwillingness to kill the investigation into Flynn. We’re not dealing with a rational actor here.


Yes, he’s no savior; that should go without saying.

No one is ‘deifying’ him here, but ‘the enemy of my enemy’ can be a very useful tool in defeating my enemy.

And we need all the damn help we can get in defeating the enemy right now.

“Perfect” (or even decent) doesn’t exist in politics.

In order to fight the battles ahead, we must survive the current one.


I agree with all your points.

It’s just that the huge potential risk of Mueller getting assistance from House committees makes the decision easy. Do it now, don’t wait for that risk to materialize.

I feel dirty just having gamed that out in my mind :sweat:


You and me both buddy.


Those two qualities make him an extremely valuable ally in this case since they undercut the narrative that the entire investigation is a witch-hunt led by liberal Democrats.

If more cops and Republicans stood up for rule of law in the age of Trump we’d be in a much better place right now.


Is it just me, or does he seem almost unable to stomache the testimony he’s dishing out?


If you have a candidate who can do the job as well as Mueller or better, let’s hear it. (And it has to be a real person.)

Let’s see this unicorn.


Here’s hoping he was just “young & dumb.” We’ve all been there.

ETA: I mean, if Mueller willingly allows the investigation to implode and it turns out he was purposefully giving us false hope so they all could undermine the gov’t and install fascism, then I guess I’ll see y’all at the Two Minutes Hate tomorrow!


What job? The Mueller investigation is never going to seriously impede the Trumpists. It’s a sideshow.

The only thing that will stop Trump is people in the streets. The courts and Congress are not up to the job.


“People in the streets” aren’t a direct check on Trump, they are the force that pressures those in power to actually use that power to hold Trump accountable.


I’ve been thinking about this more.

The attempt to fire Mueller will have to take place between now and Jan. 3, but at a time in which people aren’t paying attention.

So basically between Xmas and New Year’s. Yes? Unless there’s some other factor I’m not aware of that makes a better candidate?


Ultimately yes. However, there is a great deal of variation in how much pressure those in the streets can apply.

Most of y’all would have seen my “two types of protest” thing before.