Hundreds of '#ProtectMueller' Trump protests planned for Thursday November 8



And ETA awesome sauce on your signage as well @tekna2007!

Yeah we had honks the whole time, it was great. Surprisingly great, I didn’t know I’d feel that but it mattered.

Heck yeah! Crossing the bridge to join the groups in the next state there were so many honkers and peeps who lowered windows to give thumbs ups made me so effing happy!


Since I went to the trouble of making tweets I’ll let them speak for me.

Downtown Portland reportedly got a big crowd. I’m going to look for reports now. Still trying to warm up!


Dang! Senator Wyden showed up at the Portland rally.

He and Merkley are totally out of fucks to give.


Protests only work because of the implication, to quote The Dennis.

But modern protests have no implications thanks to ubiquitous cctv and militarized police, so they are ineffective


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