Fan-made 'Shrek' is beautifully bizarro

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For people who missed the Star Wars version (from 2012):

“They” did Empire, too.

On Shrek fandom:




I can’t stop watching its awesomeness. Except to write this comment.

Oh sweet mercyfull Buddha, Chris-Chan is in it…
That said. The whole thing was kinda hit and miss for me. Some scenes where pretty cool, some meh and some made me cringe.

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The freaking anime-style fight scene transcended everything I thought this could be.

Sufficiently delightful as to wonder why Triptank didn’t survive to make a season 3

There’s a fun live action sequence at just after the 1:00:00 mark. Sort of takes it as a dramatic comedy.

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The movie looks cool, but I didn’t come here to say that.
I mean to each their own and all and I wouldn’t want to negatively effect any ones day, least of all my own, but; I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT SHREK!
Is that bad of me? Am I bad now?


I bear no love for Shrek (excepting the source material, of course!) but had to check out the ED 209 scene in this Robocop, starting just under 10 minutes in. It is arguably better than the original. Well done, people.

Also notable is the execution dance number at 23:50, the coke party at 1:06:30, Sublime at 1:25:00.

I think what really got me with the Star Wars, but not these successors, was the brevity of the individual contributions. Even if one sucked the next one would come in 15-30 seconds. I’m not sure another movie but Star Wars will get so many worthwhile contributions. (Though the production values on the Robocop submissions are amazingly high.)

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