Dirty Computer: Janelle Monáe's gorgeous, sexy, queer afrofuturist short film

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I’ve been watching Dirty Computer once a week for a month (great for playing darts—terrible for winning darts). This is one helluva sophomore work.




The article you linked seems to cover the current state.
If @tjedison wants a brief history the Wikipedia entry has one:

I misread it as Afrofruit in the title and was confused.
I tend to think George Clinton when I hear Afrofuturism despite knowing it is comprised of much much more.

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Which part of the word confuses you?


Not a negative- but It shares a bit in common with one of my favorite weirdo hippy concept albums- The Moody Blues’ On the Threshold of a Dream.

(the entire album doesn’t seem to be on Youtube in a nice compact version, but here’s a taste )

ymmv, obvs.

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At least you own that!



Janelle Monae is amazing, and everyone should check out her work. Brilliant, sexy, groovy, and smart. She’s got something to say, and boy, does she ever say it well.

Thanks for helping get the word out!


I second this!

I’ve loved her since someone sent me the link to this:

Now I pass on the torch.


I’ve been a fan of Janelle since like forever. Even the stuff I don’t think I like, I study with an intensity because I respect everything about her. My wife doesn’t get it, and I’m not sure I do either. But I want to because she is so completely with it.

ETA @doctorow: if you are at all into Afrofuturism, check out Minister Faust (hailing from Edmonton, Alberta). He’s got his nerd Bona Fides and blends blackness, politics, literature and culture with a compelling voice. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-november-14-2017-1.4400378/how-indigenous-and-black-artists-are-using-science-fiction-to-imagine-a-better-future-1.4400425

But being the cool pwrson that you are, you have probably already met the guy :slight_smile:


Like Brazil, this dystopia has horrible ergonomic design. Dude has to lean way over the superfluous desk to swipe the touchscreen and initiate the NEVERMIND.

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Yup, dystopia has terrible UX design, it’s almost like they don’t care about people as users.


Thanks for the reference!

Janelle’s approach, aesthetic and lyrics give me so many feelings. I’m rather frustrated with myself being unable to get feelings from her music. However, I’m am heartened by the ability to explore further into this domain.

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Reminded me of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.


For anyone who is unsure about whether or not to invest 45 minutes in the full length video, most of the songs in it are on Youtube as standalone music videos. For instance, outside of a Pride parade, this is probably the most over the top queer thing you are going to see this month:


I had that on repeat for a long while when I first heard it.

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