Dirty Kids: homeless youth who crash hippie Rainbow Gatherings

It is an interesting topic, there’s a lot of overlap between hippies and crust punks, and some ideological, class, and lifestyle differences*. I’d be interested to watch it before I write it off.

And there’s really nothing stopping you from organizing your campouts without any of this overhead and scorn, of course :slight_smile:

*Not everybody wants to be dirty, and vice versa.

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It’s not even that man we set up the hippies kitchen dig there shitters pack there gear and we’re treated like pariah because how we(the dirty kids) choose to live go to a gathering and see how it operates man


Not all dirty kids are drainbows man


Ok, man, but like here me out dude, I like had to deal with the “DrainBows” like way too much and shit was like a real fucking drag. S’all I’m saying.

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You’re not conscripted, if you want to help and volunteer to make these gatherings happen, do so! If you want to start your own, do so as well!

It’s not a bad thing to contribute or for people to need volunteers to make these conventions happen. Someone’s got to dig the shitholes, if that’s something you’ve done too much, find some other way to help. There are better ways to get blotto in the woods if all that is too much.

Is he burning his draft card?

I don’t know about this bubba, I’m just takin’ a shot… but did you ever wonder if you’re hanging with the wrong crowd? If all you’re getting is bummed out what’s the point. Ever go to the woods alone or just with a buddy? Ever wonder if the hoot owls are talking about you? Ever talk back to them…ever feel all the other people who camped just where you’re laying your body but they did it a thousand years before you did…ever smell the smoke of their campfire… hear them laugh… ever feel their warmth as you lay with someone you’re loving at the moment? Ever thank them for the company of their spirit or leave a bit of your own soul for the kid a hundred years down the road. Ever wonder if all of us need to pay some dues somehow even if nobody says thanks. Wish I knew you kid…I think it might be fun to share some dreams cause I don’t know your world and maybe never will. Ah well I wish you mysteries in your night and warm light in your soul


Some of the finest illustrators, painters, poets, and musicians I’ve known have been “dirty,” and I’ve also known some truly reprehensible people, to which that title might truly apply. To group them all up as being either terrible, or posers, seems rather short sighted and unsympathetic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDC0b7rfK5U

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I haven’t known many POC crusty kids, but they certainly exist, and while there certainly are some some rich folks playing it poor out there, most are anything but. It’s pretty cheap to travel if you hop freight trains, dumpster dive your food, busk for beer, and crash at punk houses.

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I’m looking for them, how would I find them? seriously.

Are you arguing with someone specific? I don’t see this being suggested in the topic or discussion.

i think they’re talkin about crusties

there’s a much more direct lineage between wobblies and “dirty kids” than there is with your average space case rainbow fam.

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