Dirty Kids: homeless youth who crash hippie Rainbow Gatherings


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You’re standing on MY lawn and I told you to move. Well, don’t be rude. No, YOU were rude first because you…I don’t care about that! Hey, is that a joint? Are you lighting a joint on my property?!? I WILL GET THE HOSE YOUNG MAN AND I WILL GET IT RIGHT NOW.


“Drain” bows, I remember them…


And how is this different from The Summer of Love?

There was an intriguing artistic scene going on, it gets attention, and then boom, all those runaways appear in Haight Ashbury. They didn’t go to create, they went to be part of a scene. They were as much running from something as running to.


As long as the metal hippies and the hippie hippies realize that they have closer identities than most other subcultures in America than it’s cool and not hypocritical at all, but when one metal hippie says, “Die Hippie!” then it’s kinda stupid.


Anyone know where the picture of the three guys came from? I can’t find it no the pages linked to by the post. (I’m pretty sure I know one of those guys.)


Well someone had to buy all of those Jerry Garcia power ties.


What are those? I know stoner metal, and there’s a large vegan metal contingent, but I doubt they identify as “hippie”.


What’s the dude in the middle holding up with his two index fingers? The guy with the pink hair and the guy with the ballcap seem to be interested in it.


Yeah, but if they’re German-American metal hippies it’d work out just fine.


A scene is a creation, and it’s arguably a larger and more meaningful undertaking than any specific “work of art”. Culture is the art that’s woven into our everyday lives. It’s art on a grand scale.

That’s not to say that all culture is great, some of it is terrible. But culture that can accommodate and even appreciate the value of people who don’t fit in anywhere else? That is a pretty remarkable achievement, and not something to turn your nose up at. I mean, where do you think new ideas come from, anyway?


Eminently quotable. And I agree with your thoughts on this. I was familiar enough with some street kids in California to know that they’d hopped boxcars, run from railyard bulls, read good poetry and many other things between. If anything they’re exploring alternate systems of living that may make perfect sense at the time. The greatest downside, IMO, is having to weather the shoals of a proximity to the criminal element, and the ease and availability of drug, alcohol, and sexual abuse.




So I watched it a couple of time but failed to see the kids of color in any kind of representation at all. Where can we go to all get together??? Maybe that just doesn’t exist. Seems like a fair amount of money needed to support that kind of “freedom”. It looks like fun and lots of good high energy but pretty monochrome. Doesn’t anyone have a friend that doesn’t look just like themselves, No Latin, Asian or Black buddies or neighbors


I wonder if the left and the right both chase white nostalgia, from the fantasy 60s and 50s respectively.


In 2013 I ran into the Rainbow advance team that was looking for a site for a camp in southwest Montana, and I suggested they check out the ranch of Donald Rumsfeld, who had recently bought a large spread outside of Dillon.
“Who’s Donald Rumsfeld?” was the response I got.
These are not your grandfather’s hippies.


Among my grandfather’s hippies and outcasts, there were probably much of the same crusty hangers-on who just wanted to get blotto and some of that “free love”. The Wobblies and activists probably put more effort into organizing than the proto-Burning Man conventions.


Man I’m a dirty kid bro and this shit pissed me off I go to gatherings to get away from the city the fuckin hi holy hippies already hate dirty kids cuz they think were all drunks and don’t know how to handle are selves and now this dumb ass movie is gonna make it to were I can’t go take a break from society thanks dick


love you, bro. we all got bellybuttons


Lovin you man