What a Google News Alert for "Satanic" can teach you


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Now I am compeled to investigate Charisma magazine.



“Adolescent legend tripping”

Eh? What does this even mean?


No idea, sorry. But in the (possibly satanic) spirit of derailing serious discussion in favor of light larks, I must leave these three words here:


I was wondering the same thing, which just calls into attention the lazy writing. I think it’s an interesting topic but reads more like a Buzzfeed listicle.


somehow I feel highlighting the words and copying them into a google search would be easier and more illuminating than complaining about lack of knowledge.


I do greatly enjoy pointing out to those folks who are freaking out about “Satanic Metal” that most of that exists specifically to grind their gears.

They tend to STFU when you point out that one of the most be-pentagrammed bands out there (SLAYER) has said they are pretty much a bunch of devout Catholics, and it’s all for show.

But you know what? I’m in my 30’s and I still enjoy the fact that all the Satan stuff grinds people’s gears. The show must go on!


• Pat Boone is still alive.

Really, that kinda is surprising.


Click, drag, right-click, click, wait, scroll, click, read, understand.


Bitch, moan, feel superior.

Nope. You’re wrong.


LOL - odd my browser lets me highlight, right click, ‘google highlighted text’.



So basically a new name for a thing the cool kids have been doing since…

… the dawn of sapience?


Well it’s nice Satanic Panic isn’t putting people behind bars any more.


I have an alert for “philosophy,” which most often yields articles detailing the offensive and defensive “philosophies” of American football coaches.


I don’t know about cool kids - I’d more likely say ‘all kids’ - dunno I did it a few times with friends during my youth - and I never was a ‘cool kid’.


The Devil, you say!


Alerts you when Anne Coulter’s new book is released?


For some reason I’m not going to examine* that makes me happy.



* I’m afraid if I look too close it’ll turn out to be schadenfreude, which would make me sad.


Its because of his deal with Satan. He must say really stupid things in public every once in a while otherwise he crumples into a pile of dust.


No, but I got them to play my wedding reception!


I’ve seen that with my very own eyes, very interesting. The wrath of Satan shall not be trifled with, indeed.