Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults: recognizing satanists and bad mullets in the park


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I thought Satanist Scare was a purely 80’s thing…

Bonus round: “Hitler was a Satanist”


What’s up with the creepy guy perving on the dead chick?



This would be hilarious IF it wasn’t so boring…


I thought that symbol meant you were only 5/6 Jewish. How could I have been so wrong?


“Law Enforcement Guide To Touching Young Boobies”


Very much an '80s and '90s thing, sadly. (E.g. the “West Memphis Three”) 1994 was actually a bit of a turning point (thanks to some studies that showed the whole thing was completely unsubstantiated bullshit) and the panic was waning, though these supposed ex-Satanists were still making money “training” law enforcement in recognizing the signs of Satanism for a few years to come. In more conservative areas of the country, law enforcement may still be using those videos…


Isn’t’ a dead chick that is still breathing a pretty good sign of Satanism?


Not sure which would be scarier for me: my son telling me that he’s a Christian, or him telling me that he’s a satanist.


I’m afraid I couldn’t do more than skim through: wow, was that boring and long winded. But the bits I saw they seem to be conflating neo-paganism, heavy metal culture, goth culture, and lord knows what all else under an umbrella term they call “satanism.” Do you think they actually believed that? Or were they totally cynical hucksters as they appear?


“Surely, O Satan, thou art but a dunce
And cannot tell the garment from the man
Every harlot was a virgin once
Nor canst thou ever turn Kate into Nan
Though thou art worshipped by the names divine
Of Jesus and Jehovah, thou art still
The Son of Morn in weary night’s decline
The lost traveller’s dream under the hill”

William Blake (op cit) didn’t think there was any difference.


That’s an interesting point!


+1 to telling him he is christian: at 4:28 is a picture of Madame de Brinvilliers which depicts her subjection to the “water cure” (drinking 16 pints of water) in order to force a confession. She was then beheaded and her body burned at the stake. That was the “good” and “moral” and “christian” thing to do in 1676… and for quite some time after.

I’d also note that it’s being presented to the viewer as an example of “abnormal (satanic) sexology” when it actually depicts historic christian interrogation methods… wonder how they got that confused? The (unexpected) Spanish Inquisition were all experts in “abnormal sexology”…


These kinds of videos from LEOs (I have several) never seem to actually explain precisely why “satanic behavior” (whatever that may be) would be any kind of law enforcement problem. It seems like simple harassment where they imply vague BS without relating how such beliefs or behaviors may be correlated with the actual crimes they are complaining about. Are many murders, kidnapping, rape, and drug use cases statistically rellated? Which are they? And, if not, who cares?


From an earlier BB post:An important safety reminder about Satan - Boing Boing


So they wanted to send a message about a serious threat to morality and decency…

…by using a young girl wearing nothing but a checkerboard bikini to demonstrate?

It’s oddly similar to the Fox News website.


Cultural eras don’t usually line up cleanly with the calendar. The time most people refer to as "the 60’s was really the latter portion of the decade.


touches Bewbs ALL HAIL SATAN LORD AND MASTER. Oh, and I hail my robot overlords too.


Even more disturbing…