Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults: recognizing satanists and bad mullets in the park

Because anything not directly encompassed by their particular brand of Christianity was considered Satanic.

They weren’t hucksters, they were zealots. They were the precursors to the teavangellicals.

Lives were ruined because of this shit.


It’s a scam which has been going on in organized Christianity since nearly the beginning, which works as a form of religious colonialism. With most religions, if you profess to something else, they will simply say that you have a different religion. That would be the honest answer. “Of course PersonX doesn’t observe Yom Kippur, they are Taosist!”, or whatever. But the Christian game has been to absorb everything else. Including a few rare deities they do agree with - the various angels were originally Canaanite and other nearby gods adopted by Jews of antiquity. As well as their many demons and devils, which were whoever they decided they didn’t like.

So, one might assume they are harmlessly expressing their devotion to Ishtar, or Astarte - but to Christians, this is worshipping Astaroth, the demon Prince of Hell. It has allowed organized Christianity to persecute and/or kill people who practice other religions under the pretext of heresy. For example, in the UK, pagan religions were decriminalized in only IIRC the 1950s. Prior to that, observing the original Celtic or Druid religions local to the area was a crime, and punishable as “witchcraft”. Many US states have had laws against witchcraft as well, with GW Bush even agreeing to rubber-stamp some new legislation against it which was thwarted as being unconstitutional.

tldr - If you have (a) god(s) which aren’t as popular, Christians will claim that it is their devil, and refuse to consider that it isn’t.

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It could be a pretty good sign of intensive medical care using intubation. I saw a guy who kept breathing for several weeks after he died. It’s better for keeping the organs fresh after all.


I dunno, I’d be proud if my kid decided to be a satanist (of the Satanic Temple variety). They’re doing a lot of good work to further the cause of separation of church and state. They’re forcing the issue of equal treatment under the law, and they’re winning.


I don’t understand. What is immoral or indecent about someone wearing a bikini?

Perhaps you meant to say “their idea of morality and decency”

Then at least they’d be hypocrites without you buying into their bullshit dictatorial decrees with regard to morality and decency.


I just came here to make boilerplate “prince of dorkness” remarks


Seems like their point is: “if we look hard enough, we will find evidence of Satanism.”

Except that leads to ascribing lots of magical powers to people you already believe are guilty, including the ability to cover up evidence. “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

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Now the same algorithm is used for terrorism investigations.

Worth noting that our Gentleman Lecher, in using a bikini’d woman as his model, refers back to the case of old where he saw these markings on a man’s body.

Wasn’t the 90’s like:


Hahahahahaha! 11:21!

Good raves don’t start until 01:00 (at least)!

At 11:21 your teenager is pumping alcohol and looking for drugs.


Thanks to Jon Stewart, I usually assume everyone already knows Fox News is synonymous with hypocrisy. So much so, I forget I have to explain that part of the joke.

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