“Disastrous”: Dow Sinks as Markets Realize Trump Really Is This Stupid



checks 401k, sighs, drinks whiskey
Can confirm.


My parents watch fox news all the time. In the past year I started seeing all those ads for buying gold and silver popping up again on that channel. I feel like those companies are a sign.


To repeat what I’ve been saying for a while now, the only thing Trump and the Republicans have going for them politically is the economy, and Trump seems hell-bent on crashing that before the 2020 elections.



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Fortunately we’ll all likely live longer than trump, and with any luck we won’t get another president that actively works to ruin the global economy. Eventually it should all recover. We just have to wait for trump to die. I’ve already been doing that for a couple years.


*Checks watch again


Secret Executive Order: Crash the market – have family/special friends buy super low – then sell when its back up.

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My medium-term US securities are back up finally, however…

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In all honesty, I know retirement-type funds are something I’m holding onto until I retire, which won’t be until another 20 years at least. But you’d think Mr Art of the Deal would at least be good at managing Wall Street, even if he’s a garbage fire on every other level. But no, he’s genuinely terrible at that, too.


We knew before the election that he’s bankrupted multiple casinos and hotels.

That takes some kind of voodoo mismanagement that’s beyond my ken.

Bankrupted CASINOS.


his whole idea of a deal is winning by making someone else lose. That strategy makes no sense when you’re job is to float the entire country’s boats. even if you think you’re making some other country lose at the expense of ours, it ignores that we live in an international economy. sigh… but as someone else above suggested, trump’s friends and family could be making money buying low. why should he care about anyone else? heck he’s personally “winning” by making the government (which is to say the taxpayers) pay his own properties for his vacations. he only ever cared about himself and possibly those people who flatter him.

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Yes, everyone knows you don’t fight a land trade war with Asia on two fronts.

Mind you I am happy for Mexico. I think they finally have a shot at beating the US in a war.

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