Disco Elysium Adds Photo Mode To Distract From PR Disaster

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I’ve been so deeply heartened by the reaction from the DE fandom, who have entirely understood the game’s thesis and refused to be carrot-on-sticked by this frivolous new mode. One of the most common joke comments I’ve seen across the social media responses has been “Oh this is so cool lol can we collage the original creators back in too??” I’ve never been part of a game fandom that was so overwhelmingly Leftist, it makes me hopeful that a game that means so much to me has touched so many people in the same deep way, and that we’re all too passionate about it to let Capital have its way.


Say what now?

Leftist infighting. By far the greatest threat to any serious movement left of Pelosi is the fact that leftists have a hard time agreeing on anything thanks to the million and one sub-ideologies under the umbrella, while those on the right just have to agree on who to hate. Disco Elysium understands this concept and examines it from the perspective of an exhausted communist, which proved to be a breath of fresh air.


Hey, it’s not like we anarchists started the purges in the Free Territories, Kronstadt, Catalonia, Korean Peoples Association in Manchuria…

Sometimes there are very good reasons why some left wing groups don’t trust each other. Other times it is groups splitting over whether they have tea or coffee at their meetings.


Tea or coffee? Monsters. Bovril or Death!


Mutters to self: “Shit, we’re out of Bovril.”
Loads revolver.

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