Disco on Precinct 13

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Alternatively there’s this version of the theme from 1986.

There have been mixes and dance tracks
put together in the past
but none can outrun
or equal the power of Megablast

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And there’s of course the Legowelt version
(he was involved in the John Carpenter tribute album used in the video, but this track is not from it. You should check his cover of Arrival at the Train Station though)

Oh sweet. This makes my morning as I have that movie waiting for me to pick up at the library today.

Ah, Xenon 2. A damn fine vertical shmup :slight_smile: For all these years, I never realised Megablast was based on John Carpenter’s theme from Assault on Precinct 13 - it’s one of a very few Carpenter movies I haven’t seen. I shall rectify that immediately.

Good, but no substitute for Mark Shreeve’s extended cover as Assassin which beats all others hands down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkIT2vL0u0Y

OMG Mark Shreeve covered it? That changes everything.

Big fan. Storm Column (also found on the Bruton library in blander form as Myriad of Colors) is one of my all time intrumental synth faves

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