Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong loses $10 million fraud dispute


Perhaps he can get paid off to write favorable video game reviews? I hear there’s big money in that.


He probably has tens of millions salted away in secret foreign accounts, and is using sneaky legal tricks to prevent any of his US assets from being seized to pay this judgment.




I’m not too mad that Lance cheated, but it’s more important that he is a thief. He stole from everyone that came in at second and third place behind him. He stole from them as surely as if he hit them with a crowbar and took their wallets.

In all fairness, they were cheating too.

The guy who finished 10th, now, he stole from.



I dunno - anyone who did not know that the majority of the top of the peloton (at a MINIMUM) was juiced & Lance in particular, just had their head in the sand.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the sponsors. The way they treat the winners and losers is a major part of the incentive and landscape for doping. I don’t know what SCA’s deal was, but I seriously doubt they were actually harmed, then or now, by Lance.

Yeah - don’t worry, I just get really good nutritional tips from Ferrari, no doping here - lol. So So So much clearer in hindsight, but even at the time, everyone knew. Maybe some of the money behind SCA didn’t know, but should have known.


Professional racing cyclists have been using drugs for more than 50 years. Jacques Anquetil openly admitted in the 60s that he used performance-enhancing drugs and famously said on TV that only an idiot would believe cyclists rode Bordeaux–Paris on water alone. Anyone who believes cyclists of the modern era are not using are even bigger idiots. The people who believed Armstrong were truly delusional, and we should all question why they were willing to look away from what was right in front of them.

I was a fair to middling amateur road racer in the 80s, and the difference between amateurs and professionals on the road is like the difference between a natural body builder and a steroid-addled Phil Heath.

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Probably, but the guys he’s trying to screw over know all about those tricks. Lance isn’t on his bicycle anymore - he’s on their turf…

In light of recent events, I believe that headline should read: Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend loses $10 million fraud dispute

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More than 100 years. The stories of Choppy Warburton et al make fascinating reading.

Don’t tell me Major Taylor was a doper too :open_mouth:

I don’t particularly care that he cheated, since everybody was. But what I do dislike is the way he aggressively pursued anybody who even remotely hinted that he was cheating with lawsuit after lawsuit.

Only ‘bicarbonate of soda’.

Taylor kept pace for two days, but after three, he quarreled with his manager Munger, complaining of fatigue and the need to rest. Munger gave him 15 minutes and told him to drink a glass of water mixed with a special powder. Though Taylor said the special powder was a cheap ruse – bicarbonate of soda, not the strychnine- or cocaine-based pick-me-ups other riders resorted to – he rode the next 18 consecutive hours without pause.

Yeah, bicarb of soda has that effect on me too.

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Humans - using PEDs since the dawn of agriculture

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