Dishtowel hanging solution for $3.69

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C’mon @frauenfelder! you can hack a raspberry PI and can’t Jerry rig a dish towel holder!?!?


These are great but you have to secure it to the cabinet door or you’ll constantly pull the whole thing off when grabbing the towel.

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I was gonna ask how you prevent that from happening. Mine comes off with the towel every single time.

If your oven is near your sink, usually the oven handle is shaped like a towel rack. Just be careful when you open the oven all the way that you hold the towel so it doesn’t hang down onto the dirty floor.
I was stuffing my towel into the cabinet handle for years but for me the oven works better.

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I use a couple of double-sided command strips but some of these have small holes you can put screws into.

It sounds like the part of the hanger that snuggles on to the cupboard door is not snuggly enough. Perhaps jamming something (to act as a shim) between the inside of the door and where the hanger would (otherwise) make secure contact with that side of the door. Even 2-sided tape would work… and even better.

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So you don’t have a handle on the refrigerator door? How about the oven door handle?

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Do you guys have a direct deal with Amazon, or are you just getting a little referral click money?
Asking because I’m really trying not to use Amazon, for a variety of reasons. I found the same thing on bed, bath and beyond (more expensive but what’s $3.00 among friends) but you guys won’t get the referral money.
Can you supply non-amazon links in addition, or is this an amazon or bust kind of deal?


But there’s no commission on those.

The Google search term is Amazon Affiliate Program. (Not being snarky, just can’t be assed to get the link on my phone… but then I just typed all this, which was also more effort… ah fuck.)

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I bought one of those years ago at Sainsbury’s (a big Supermarket chain in the UK). It was the last one on the shelf. I haven’t seen one since until now. It’s jolly useful. My daughter-in-law wants one. I hope I don’t have to order one from the U.S…

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You almost wonder why there isn’t already some sort of do-it-yourself movement that empowers people to solve problems like this. They could start a magazine (call it “Make” as a placeholder) and have events all around the country demonstrating personal ingenuity.


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