How to hang sweaters so they don't get shoulder bumps


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#2 – I don’t think that I have ever put a sweater on a hanger.
However, Mr. Rogers’ sweaters never seemed to get shoulder bumps (that might be due to his mother’s superior knitting techniques).


also, if you do hang knitted clothes… don’t hang them wet. i sincerely appreciate the people in my life that have taught me these things.


I always just toss them in the dryer on high – makes storage much easier as well. (some lessons are learned on ones’ own)

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Many of the things on this list are completely ridiculous.

This is one of the best/worst:

  1. Doing that is illegal in many states (see here), but more importantly
  2. There’s a damn hold-open clip in that picture!

That clip. The one under the gas cap. There’s there to do what that gas cap is doing. Hello?


#2, of course. Hanging a sweater, no matter what you use as a hanger, will result in gravity taking over and stretching it out.

  1. What state is that? I’ve never seen that sticker before.

  2. The brake pad which holds the clip in place could be missing from the handle. That I have seen.


NY and MA have laws preventing anything from blocking the nozzle’s handle — it’s illegal to do hands-free filling.

The law was to prevent fires apparently caused by getting in and out of the car during filling, building up a static charge, and then sparking when you put your hand back on the pump. (Whether or not it ever happened much before, apparently modern cars keep fumes in the tank better now, but regardless the law is still on the books.)


Sweet article!


Number 9 looks like it would take up a lot of fridge space, although that wouldn’t be a problem if the fridge is big enough. We converted an old rotating filing cabinet into our larder: put a rim around the edges and you can store a surprising amount of stuff and access it all easily. Each level is split into four sections, so it’s easy to categorize your groceries by section.


I’ll just leave this here:


Shoulder bumps? From hanging sweaters? Who hangs their sweaters?

This system works just fine. (Tip: If you don’t remember wearing it recently, dig.):



Are you suggesting… DUN DUN DUN… False economy?




In NY where they disable the hold open clips, the clips are still there but the clasps that keep them in place are disabled. I freakin’ hate the way they disable this feature in this state.


This one is great though.


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