Dismembered Bigfoot foot in photo... isn't that

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I mean, it is a big foot. Also, it’s fun to see a Coast to Coast post here on BoingBoing. Noory is the man, but I do miss me some Art Bell.

I think the wrong questions are being asked. The question shouldn’t be what type of foot is this. The question should be how did the bear lose it’s foot in the first place. The truth is out there…

Bear Bigfoot GIF


Well… something killed the bear! It must have been the victim of a giant (and particularly ill-tempered) Sasquatch.


You and me both. I used to have a job where I’d somewhat regularly have to drive 50 miles away in the wee hours to do systems maintenance and then back home. Listening to Art was always a great way to stay awake on the way home.


Bearfoot is real!

OH! This reminds me… @pesco and anyone else interested in Bigfoot lore… if you’re ever in N. GA… check this place out:


It’s TONS of fun and exactly what you’d expect.

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