"Dismembered legs" found roadside identified as something else entirely

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That’s definitely TMI.


Once upon a time, in some hazy alcohol soaked days in my 20s, I was with some friends at an apartment. For some unknown reason, someone took off the kick plate under the bathroom sink, I donno man, drunk weirdos do weird stuff.

Hidden in the space under the bathroom sink was a deflated blow up doll. Someone (ugh, eww) blew her up, and photos were taken. All the people remained fully clothed, but it was still pretty gross.

We named her Heidi, because she was hiding. I don’t get many opportunities to tell this story, for obvious reasons.


The doll was brought to the police station and logged into evidence.

“I can’t tell you exactly what we’re going to do with it,” said Detective Cory Burgess.

Evidence of what? Exactly what crime was committed here? Couldn’t they just, you know, throw it away again?


Okay, even if this had, in fact, been a dead body, why did multiple emergency vehicles rush there? Did they think the body was going to go somewhere? What emergency vehicles responded? After being in a trash bag for several days like that, I really hope they didn’t send an EMT out. (“Hurry! You might be able to save them!”)


I don’t want to read the article. Was it turnips that went bad?


I was gonna ask, “What, no AI generated image?” but then the turnips arrived.


I was thinking the same thing, but they might want to destroy it so that someone, in the future, won’t think they found a body.

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What is the proper procedure/etiquette for disposing of a sex doll? Is that a blue bin item, or do you have to take it to the depot?

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I remember that one.

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“Licking County” has an Ohio Sheriff’s Office.
Forget the inflatable legs, my day is complete.

i think i know who the culprit is

“Can’t” or “won’t”?

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