Disney announces new "Star Wars: Star Tours" adventures

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There are already two rides at Disneyland where you get swallowed by a whale (Storybook Canal Boats and Nemo Submarine) as well as Pinocchio, where the whale almost gets you. Will the new Ahsoka scene be yet another “swallowed-by-whale” experience?

(There must be some kind of Jonah joke to be made about this weirdly specific experience but I’m coming up blank.)


No, she was swallowed by an interstellar space whale, in space. It’s a completely different thing.


Not really swallowed if she flew in of her own free will, right? More liked parked inside a whale, really…

With David Tenant. Because of course she would.

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Jonah Hill has got a hankering for unsuspecting park visitors now? :crazy_face:

(The Wolf of Wall Street)

In the illustration on the boingboing page, that’s one seriously large astromech.

I hope they add a stop over Arrakis just to mess with people.

(Yes, I know Dune was the inspiration for Tatooine.)

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