Disney buys Maker Studios


Notch has tweeted that he is cancelling all plans to develop an Rift compatible version of Minecraft.
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that will show that darn mouse

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Company that specialises in garish, animated characters now owns Pewdiepie. Shocker.

I’d never heard of Maker Studios (not really being in their prime demographic, I don’t spend too much time on YouTube). But after this announcement, some of the stuff I’ve read about them makes them sound like some of those shitty podcast content networks that popped up in the mid-2000’s. “Sign up with us, give us a big chunk (40% from one link I saw) of your earnings, and we promise to promote the heck out of you!”

Not a big surprise that they were a target for a buy-out. 5.5 billion views per month across their 55000+ channels, those are some pretty impressive numbers. I have no idea how Youtube pays out partners, and I have no idea how accurate this site is, but it says that 5.5 billion views would earn between 1.65 million and 13.75 million USD (which is also a HUGE variance). So, even at the low end, Maker could be pulling in nearly $8 million a year (and up to $66 million based on that site), and I presume they put the burden of paying for video production on the people that actually produce the videos, so I’m not sure what their expenses are.

Maker could be pulling in nearly $8 million a year

So the purchase pays for itself in 62 years? Yes, I know they’ll try to increase revenue somehow, but that still seems like such a huge gulf I just don’t get it.

Or 7 years, based on the high number in that calculator. But I have NO idea how accurate that calculator is. I have a feeling if you’re getting 5.5 billion views per month, you’re in a pretty good position to negotiate your payment rates with YouTube.

But Disney isn’t just buying them for their revenue - they’re also buying a hell of a lot of eyeballs (5.5 billion of them a month), and a foothold into an area that they otherwise aren’t really that prevalent in.

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Cory, I am so happy that the werking title of yer new thing is called UTOPIA because this just made me flashback into yer book MAKERS.

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