Disney deletes "Dead Inside" tweet


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Dark, Disney … so dark.


MRW when Disney doesn’t understand the internet:


This is so minor. When is Disney going to deal with Elsagate?


But Twitter said “dead inside” was trending!




You must not hang out on Twitter much. If you think this is wild you should see the official Moonpie account, or the time that the official Wendy’s account dunked on one of its detractors. Snark and wit are now acceptable for brands. This was perfect for Twitter - it just shocked everyone that Disney posted it.


I am neither shocked nor insulted. I merely have no idea what this tweet means. I mean, the individual elements of meaning are clear, but I have no idea what they are on about, Can someone explain?


This is the best thing I’ve seen frm Disney in a while.


I know, right? Maybe disney just isn’t as relevant as it used to be, what with there being few fables left to mine for plot lines.


“When someone pays you a compliment, normally it might cause a reaction akin to Pinocchio being turned into a Real Live Boy, but you’re so dead inside that even the magic fairy wand power does nothing.”


I remember in the 70s, when I was little - like 5 or 6 - some event was being promoted with an image of Disney’s Pinocchio nailed to a wall with a big wooden picket through his belly and a big splash of blood all around. I have no idea what event that was about but one of these posters was hanging for weeks outside the communal swimming pool and I was both horrified and fascinated by the looks of it.
In any case, a poster like that would be unthinkable today for many reasons: licensing, public concern, etc.
I had been hoping to find a copy of it some day. I’d love to frame it and put it on my wall.


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