Disney drops $4.8M in Boy Scouts funding over anti-gay policy


From Volunt-ears to Volun-tears.


Wow, when Disney drops you, you know that you aren’t Mainstream anymore.


Bravo Disney!


Ok, that, um, explains a lot.


Cue Fox News personalities complaining about the attack on the Boy Scouts in five minutes. Sometimes the BSAs attitude “If you don’t continue to give us stuff for free* you’re attacking us,” reminds me of the DPRK.

*free leases, tax breaks, subsidized use of government facilities.


On one hand I’m definitely glad they did this, but on the other I really wonder why it took them so long, it’s not as if this is a new/recent policy of the Boy Scouts of America.


Disney’s come to realize on what side(s) their bread is buttered.


I first read that as $48M, not 4.8, and thought, Damn, that’s gotta hurt! Still a pretty chunk of change, though, and maybe as with Gov. Brewer in AZ, the might dollar will force bigotry into the disinfecting light.


Am I wrong, or was it not that long ago that Disney was in the headlines for their discrimination against homosexuals and same-sex couples? I guess it’s good to see progress, and we can’t hold it against them forever…


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I’m not sure about the incident you are talking about, but I think as a general rule of thumb it is far better to forgive quickly folks and organizations that show a true change of heart, rather than seek out retribution for past offenses.


This happened like two years ago. My nephews troupe was getting close $10,000 from Disney because all the leaders worked for Disney.

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Not sure what you are talking about but I’m pretty sure you are wrong. they were one of the first companies in the country to offer benefits to same sex couples and they have there own gay pride event every year in March.


A friend of mine was a Boy Scout in middle school and high school, in the early 90s in the suburban Midwest. The “hazing” for new Boy Scouts involved stripping them naked, tying them up, and spanking them. One of his overnight camping trips involved making out with his tentmate the whole night.

This is why every time the Boy Scouts are like TEH GAY HAS NO PLACE IN BOY SCOUTS I start giggling.


Fox News, “Evil Disney’s Frozen Head wants to make YOUR son a deviant!”

Well done, the Mouse. You’ve come a long way from strike breaking in the 1930’s.

As a former Boy Scout I have to say WTF!?!?

Hazing itself is contradictory to the whole scout ethos, and this makes it sound like your older boys (and leaders?) had unresolved issues.

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Gay Days at Disney World is a privately organized event. It’s not an official Disney event.
Supporters raise the money to purchase time at some venues (Like Blizzard Beach) for a private party. They also go the park en-mass. Basically, it’s like a rather large conference with people wearing similar t-shirts and not a Disney Gay Pride event.

Well, like “Leave no trace” not requiring one to destroy geological formations, not everybody gets the message. And really, that’s going to be true of any organization with as many overlapping layers of management.

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Hmm, yeah, imagine that…


I don’t understand the timing on this action. The BSA started allowing openly gay Scouts as of Jan 2014, so they are becoming MORE inclusive. So in 2013, when the BSA did NOT allow openly gay Scouts, Disney allowed the BSA to be in the Voluntears program, but now in 2014, when the BSA DOES allow openly gay Scouts, they’re removed from the Voluntears program?

I don’t like the “no gay leaders” policy at all, but that hasn’t changed from last year. The only change from last year by the BSA has been gay-positive.

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