Disney offers to deduct contributions to its PAC from employees' paychecks, to lobby for TPP

Do you have an idea how much those death stars cost?


Hi, you can totally boycott Disney and enjoy Star Wars.

  1. You’re in the minority, Disney will despite your efforts continue milking that cow.

  2. It’s culture, they own it but it belongs to you.

  3. No one will shame you for springing to see each one on the big screen once, especially if you manage it for free somehow. Accept an invitation from someone you don’t like.

  4. The rest of the time, try to do it right if you can afford it, watch your copy on a good projector, on a good clean wall or a screen in a room as dark as you can get it. Turn it up loud if it won’t bother your neighbours.

  5. Get your copy without supporting Disney.

  6. Still lots of other disney to boycott.

I don’t give them shit as far as I know, although I do want to see the latest on the big screen time has not allowed. I will enjoy Star Wars whether they like it or not i.e. if they’re okay with me not paying them that’s peachy keen cause it ain’t gonna happen.

Copyright is a social construct that will serve it’s function admirably even if selectively ignored for cultural reasons at the level of the individual. Fuck those guys.


I like how you were able to link Enron and Disney. :wink:


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