Disney responds to Dinklage's Snow White criticism: we "have been consulting with members of the dwarfism community"

Still an issue though because it still puts the actors in a position where their body being smaller is associated with a spectacle of horror and morbid fascination. With… Monstrosity.

We have stories about all kinds of little people but all the actors that we have to play them are actual humans and actual humans still will face the stigmas associated with making a morbid curiosity or monstrous spectacle out of them.

Is there an answer? I dunno, but the problematic nature of disability and body differences in media doesn’t really care if I have a solution for it or not. That was a problem in film long before me and greater minds than mine have struggled to find good methods of representation with varying levels of success and failure.

Also did you just equate like a man molesting women’s corpses with the inevitability of destiny/fate? Uh… Was that supposed to be a joke cause that’s… phenomenally creepy? Is that what you meant to go for with that or am I misreading you?


I doubt that the number of fingers was an intentional choice to indicate them as non-human. “Cartoony” characters of the era nearly all had four fingers. The only reason that the taller humans in the movie had a full set of fingers was because the animation was rotoscoped from reference footage of real actors.

If you look at some other Disney films they’re sometimes infuriatingly inconsistent on the number of fingers a character has. The Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood spends half the film with four fingered hands and half with five, sometimes switching off in the very same scene:





Whatever interpretation you care to take from it. When destiny and fate gets involved, stories seem to be turn more toward tragedy and sorrow – ancient tragedies, gods meddling in human affairs, destiny is often unkind and malicious, even creepy, not saying it’s right.

The fantasy tale of Snow White tries to transport us to a universe where destiny is kind and brings the right people together. And providing that escape from reality seems to be a theme in what Walt Disney was trying to give (or sell if you’re not feeling charitable) people.

Pulling the train back on track, the dwarfs in Snow White are also fantasy and should never be confused with complex and flawed humans.

But we have motion capture and passable CGI technology coming down in cost to where we don’t need to involve short humans to portray small mythological creatures. My feeling is that Disney would be making a mistake to cast dwarf humans as the Snow White fantasy dwarfs rather than using CGI.

I’m kind of excited to see where the new consciousness takes dwarf humans, I hope Peter Dinklage and others get more exposure in media as the kind of real people they are.

I think it’s also just that the more heavily caricatured characters tend to get the four-fingered treatment and the more realistic ones don’t. Or sometimes just the four-fingered hands are associated with innocence.

Gravity Falls is an interesting contemporary example because Dipper and the other children have four-fingered hands, most adults have five-fingered hands, and one character famously has six-fingered hands.



WTF did i just watch :confused:


They did that for a different version of the story, Snow White and the Huntsman, and it was met with disapproval.

Those look exactly like short humans, not fantastical creatures at all. Unlike the goblins in Harry Potter which had inhuman prosthetics, unique facial expressions, and their own motivations and culture.

Because given how long it’s been this way, many people STILL make that connection.

But AGAIN, how about we defer to people who have skin in the game, like Dinklage, who actually NEVER SAID that we can never depict dwarves on screen at all. Just that how we typically see them are stereotypical and at odds with a humane representation that most people just conflate with real human beings with a medical condition…

Again, this isn’t difficult.

So… rape is okay, because destiny?

Excuse Me Reaction GIF by One Chicago

Yeah. How about fucking no…

Against women’s wills! WTF! NO. Just… NO. Just because some old story had that in it, doesn’t mean it’s okay or that it was EVER okay. Just like rom coms that have a man stalking a woman to win her over is not okay.

Human beings CAN and DO tell better stories, that are more inclusive and reflect all our experiences and common humanity. I don’t know why people here are insisting on defending that we keep telling stories that don’t do that. What’s the point of that when we can do better?


It’s telling young girls that non consensual sexuality is not just normal - but desirable. It should be your dream.

That’s fucked up regardless of what kind of sugar frosting you want to put on it.


I haven’t read the book, but it looks interesting


That might be the most important “are you a spokesperson for (insert minority population here)” I have ever seen.


Rape or assault as destiny is a really gross argument. I hope this is a misreading on my part.


Destiny and fate need to stop perpetuating rape culture. That particular story trope needs to be abandoned post-haste

Yeah. An awful lot like the argument a man cannot rape his wife. The girl is a princess so a prince charming can sexually assault her?! No no no.


You have a truly unique take on that story.

Most fairytales were meant to be horror stories or cautionary tales.

Disney made a mint white washing and sugar coating those stories, but that still doesn’t make them ideal.


Words like “fate” and “destiny” seem like convenient constructs to explain away and justify all kinds of bullshit. As in fiction, so too in real life.


Judas Iscariot had to betray Jesus for the whole crucified-to-save-mankind thing to work. Most people still consider him a major dick for doing it…and that’s with Jesus was being turned over to authorities who didn’t have to execute him.

It’s cruel to pretend things are kind that aren’t. People make their choices, they deserve to be held to account for them, and any story that tells you otherwise is a bad story.


Well you can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!


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Destiny Fate is my favorite Bond film character


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