Disney theme parks welcome a black Santa Claus. Cue racist freakout

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What did they expect? He climbs down chimneys all the time.


Person 1: So there’s this guy who lives in the North Pole, right? He runs a global surveillance network to spy on children all around the world and a bunch of magical elves who make free toys for the well-behaved kids (but usually just the Christian ones). Then he personally delivers all those hundreds of millions of presents in one night because he has a sled connected to some flying caribou. He gets into most houses by weaseling down the chimney even though he is, by all accounts, morbidly obese. He does all this for free milk and cookies.

Person 2: Sounds legit.

Person 1: Oh also sometimes he’s a Black guy.

Person 2: You’re shitting me.


I happened to walk by the Santa meet-and-greet in Disneyland yesterday and thought it was kinda nice that such an obvious, basic thing as letting multiracial folks play the part of Santa wasn’t newsworthy or controversial in this day and age (many places like Macy’s have been doing it for decades) but sadly I guess I was mistaken.


A dark-skinned Saint Nick? Surely not.


GOP’ers having a hard time with fictional characters is nothing new.


I always assumed that Santa Claus appeared to each person the way they believed Santa should look. You know, like Galactus.


Here is a reconstruction of what Jesus might have looked like. Well, not Jesus specifically, just people in the region at that time:


Somewhere there’s an alert system available only republicans, neo-Nazis (opps repeated myself) Karens, and all flavors of racist’s. This sends texts, emails, and phone calls to the rabidly ready, rich rioters. It tells them what to be incensed about, location of the event that hurts jesus, flags, the murican way of life. It also has suggestions on how much Meth or Alcohol may be needed to get properly twisted and ready to main. This system is faster than anything St Nick could dream of having. During slow periods it generations totally fictitious offences that have caused kyle rittenhouse to cry (newly found innocent…gag). Armed with righteous indignation and assault weapons these folks can head out and save their version of the american dream. Ain’t it great!


I think it’s called FaceBook


My brain automatically thought, “Well we now have a Black woman living in space, so…not to be outdone, we have to immediately introduce a Black man who flies through space and DELIVERS TOYS! Try to top that, womanfolk!”

My brain is sarcastic, and cynical.


Sheesh. Next, they’ll have us believing Jesus wasn’t a white northern European.


Wait, what?

Make Disney Magic Again?



Well they sure have a hard time with reality, so you’d think they’d realise most of their shit is fiction, and be comfortable with it, by now.


Perhaps Santa is one of the Endless…

But wasn’t the original saint Greek from the general area of current Turkey? Probably not the blue eyes Santa popularized by The Coca Cola company…

Something something, Jesus…

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And even St Nicholas punched Arians:


The people complaining are the same ones who would be appalled to learn that Jesus was a nice Jewish boy with an olive complexion.

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Sad Kristen Bell GIF

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What does it say about Marvel Earth that humans read galactus as white?

Of course he was. Jesus (hah!) I grew up as Catholic and st. Nicholas was kinda big, as was St. Martin. And of course, they were played by white Germans. But still, even if we kids didn’t think much about how these persons would’ve really looked, we knew: not like that. Because the re-enacting wasn’t about historical accuracy but celebrating what these saints symbolized. Their skin color was irrelevant to that, as with the three wise men/holy kings. Who still make rounds.

Granted, some Germans do throw a hissy fit when the Christkind is portrayed by a girl of color, but they seem to be a tiny minority venting in the letters to the editor.