Disney wants to build an "aerial tramway" between the Disney World parks

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The short distances on this proposed rout make it more suitable here than it would be as a replacement for the epcot-magic kingdom monorail.


This makes sense as a functional test platform for a supplemental transportation system in that congested area. It’d be terrific for this to eventually hook up to the more ‘far flung’ eastward areas of Disney Springs as well as the TTC, but that’d be a much longer spur.

The bus system is taxed to its limit much of the time, the monorails are down as much as they’re up, and they desperately need more ways to move people around. This is a great idea for WDW, hope it happens.


I am saddened by this only because it basically reinforces the fact that the monorail system isn’t economically viable, which the child in me mourns for.

As a frequent Disney (and WDW) visitor, I’m pretty amazed at how efficient the current system actually is, other than during immediate park opening or closing times. The fact that Disney wants to further improve the experience can only lead to further park awesomeness (which, sadly, means further draining of my wallet from more frequent visits. Blast!)


I’m certain they’ll keep the monorail running for as long as they can; besides being such a signature nostalgic element, it’s woven through EPCOT and the monorail resorts. But having been at EPCOT when the monorail’s been down at closing time, they desperately need more mass transit options, especially at that park. At least at the MK you can get a boat.


Oh, I completely agree with you (and LOVE the boat, btw. What a relaxing way to travel). What I was referring to was extending the monorail network, rather than removal of the existing one.

The child in me wants a Coruscant-style network of trains connecting all the parks and hotels, please. :slight_smile:


Oh cripes yes. I’ve been wanting that since the 80s. Huge concrete platforms of monorails to whisk you from Animal Kingdom to Saratoga Springs in plush air conditioned comfort after eating too much at Boma.


I think the monorail is fantastic actually. The issue with it is simply it doesn’t go to enough places. They should have a larger system in place.


And they DO currently have boats that run from EPCOT to Holywood Studios…


I really do love those boats, too - I used to travel to San Francisco all the time (like, every three weeks for four years often), and wracked up a ton of Starwood points doing so. That had me staying at the Swan/Dolphin resorts a lot, which are on the Hollywood Studios/EPCOT boat route. I’d even go so far to say that I enjoyed that method of transport more than the monorail, if only because sometimes the monorail was delayed, while the boat never was. Plus, ducks!


They should build one to connect Disney World to the flavellas.

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I use that “secret” (well, not as well known) boat all the time; going into EPCOT via the International Gateway is like stepping back into 1986. I have a long-held wish to retire to a villa at the BoardWalk and walk over to Fake France in the mornings for croissants and espresso.


Yeah, they really need to beef up transit for that area. Pop Century/Art of Animation really needs more transit options. There’s no canals or monorail, so the only option for those without a car is the bus system, and the lines for buses at the end of the day are epic. Caribbean Beach is on a lake without canals either, so they’re similarly transit starved.

Could they do something like the Roosevelt Island Tramway?

Are they powering it with a shiny new nuclear plant?

I know one person who’s going to be so happy to hear about this:

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I imagine they might be powering with their new 5 megawatt solar farm, which just happens to be right next to where this tram might be going.

I’ve got two words for you: WEDway.

Never ate at Boma, but I do love Jiko.

I was kind of hoping they were talking about trans-continental tramway between Orlando and Anaheim.