The Simonsound's imaginary monorail ride, a music video


Misread the headline, expected a very different monorail song.

Throw up your hands, and raise your voice!

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This is wonderful.
Its almost a shame that 90% of the monorail stock footage is from disney, there should be more of these things. As impractical as it is as a mass transit system, it comes out a lot more economical when you factor ‘awesomeness’ as a value-add.
its also nice to see those old epcot publicity reels, i must see if i can you-tube some of them later.

I love stuff like this! It’s like an alternate reality where Disneyworld was a bit more 70s, and Raymond Scott was still alive to score it. :grin:

What’s it called?

And shouldn’t we always factor awesomeness as a value-add?

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