Original 1971 Disney World monorail for sale


I want to own it and I want to live in it

Why am I not rich


if this doesn’t become something out at burning man this year, i’ll be very sad.

That would make a hellva a RV.

The first thing that I thought of when I saw it – Ark II:

However, it would probably be easier to mount some pontoons under it and turn it into a boat1 (or tracks for a snow-cat experience).

1with plenty of ballast or a keel


What? No takers? Maybe the seller should try Shelbyville.

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I wonder what the story is behind this. It seems very unlike Disney to sell off something like this. I mean, it’s not like they have regular auctions of their old stuff, do they? Where are the old two seater Space Mountain rockets? Or the cars from Mr. Toads Wild Ride?

I thought of Space Academy’s “Seeker” (which re-used the Ark II’s nosecone).

(edit) I just admitted familiarity with “Space Academy”. I am shamed.


Remember to always press the spiel button.

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