Disneyland is super optimistic that unvaccinated people will follow their mask rules

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I would love to take my wife to Disneyland for our 30th anniversary, and we had discussed it. However, I don’t need to be surrounded by anti-vaxxers smugly taking up breathing space around me.


You will enjoy their tee-shirts supporting a police state while refusing to wears masks. My last trip was overfull with THIN BLUE LINE and LETS GO BRANDON fools trying to prove a point no one went to Disneyland to debate.


Disneyland in America?


Most likely a CYA rule. If it’s actually enforced it will tell us something about the nature and (no doubt excessive) extent of surveillance at the parks.

I can easily imagine some of these yahoos being stupid enough to blow hundreds or thousands of dollars to give their kids a taste of Disney magic and then ruin things by having everyone give the family the stink eye.


It means masks are off at Disneyland. They won’t check vaccination status and then toss folks. It will be ‘honor system’ and these people lack any.


We have reached the “we don’t give a fuck anymore” point of the Covid pandemic, evidence is provided daily.


Next up; Disneyland becomes a flaming hotspot for the next wave of wildly contagious infection…


“Why Yes! That will work!” /S


Jebus Mice, Disneyland, why the fuck are you even pretending to have a policy when you know, for a fact, that this will just mean everyone will be mask-less? (Except people with health issues and, ironically, some of the vaccinated who realize they’ll be surrounded by unvaccinated maskholes who refuse to wear masks.)


Which I wouldn’t mind if there weren’t still a lot of people who can’t get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons. They’re best advised to stay away from Disneyland for a while longer, which sucks for kids with cancer and other serious illnesses.


Meanwhile, omicron is so good at evasion that the vaccine is only 37% effective vs. a triple-vaxxed adult.

So, have fun at the super-spreader center Disneyland!


Not caring about Covid/Pandemic, is not a defense against a Virus. Who knew? But that’s what the THEY are selling today, tomorrow it will be something else.


I am a little surprised that let those in. I have been to Disney World only twice (pre 2016), and I know I saw some people with both inside out t-shirts, and tape on tattoos.

So here is a question I haven’t found a solid answer to. I have read conflicting articles that have lead me to believe we don’t really have good data on it. One study will say one thing, and another something else. And I am sure each variant changes the numbers.

What is the transmission rate of someone vaccinated vs unvaccinated?

I assume there is a reduction in transmission, because a vaccinated person should fight off and reduce their viral load in a significant way. I also assume it may affect how long one is contagious, hopefully shortening it.

But vaccinated people can still transmit the virus.

So if you have an unvaccinated person and a vaccinated person with Covid, how likely are either one to infect me?

If there is not a big difference, then having one set mask and not the other won’t really stop the spread.

I am vaccinated, boosted, and continue to mask just so I don’t spread it to any one. With Omnicron I actually started to wear a tight fitting N95 mask (hint, get a 3M sanding mask from Home Depot or the like) just to reduce my chance of catching it. Knock on wood, so far so good.


This is a point I’ve seen raised frequently, but I’m curious to know something: if covid were completely gone from this world, people going through chemotherapy for cancer will still be very vulnerable to any number of other diseases. What is the overall increased risk for this population due to covid specifically, vs the background risk for all the other contagious diseases floating around out there? Is there a population of immunocompromised people for whom a Disneyland trip is an acceptable risk but only as long as covid is not a factor?

Most people I know who were going though those treatments prior to this pandemic were still super careful about exposure to germs and avoided any places with lots of people.


If it’s not going to be enforced, can I bring food on the rides too?

As a guest, how am I supposed to know which rules can be ignored and which must be followed?

It’s the same rule for employees. That one is more interesting, since they should know which employees are unvaccinated. If they ignore it for those employees too, that creates the same policy question. How would an employee know which policies can be ignored and which must be followed? Can that be used as a defense for someone who breaks some other HR policy? “Just thought this was another policy that could be ignored, it looks the same.”


This rule makes sense. After all, unvaccinated people are merely deciding what they want and don’t want in their body, while recognizing that their choice might affect others. So logically they will wear masks in public.


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I think Jason gets it right and I misinterpreted. It’s not so much a rule as Disneyland telling everyone “you can now do this [again]”. Their error is assuming that all guests will take this invitation in good faith.

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Spoiler: They won´t.


As ever:
“Police state for thee, but not for me.”

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