Disneyland Paris worker ruins marriage proposal

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I’d previously witnessed a couple successful engagements at Disneyland, usually at the wishing well or at a secluded courtyard near the Pirates ride. This weekend I witnessed what looked to be a covert, unauthorized wedding happening in a back corner of Tom Sawyer Island in a location where guests and cast members tend to be scarce. Fortunately it seemed to go off without a hitch. (Or rather, it went off with the couple getting hitched, as intended.)

The situation in the video was handled very poorly by the cast members, no question about that. But I think it’s also clear that the guests crossed a clear fenced barrier to get up onto the stage, and were possibly doing it in that particular location because of the performative aspect rather than a stage being inherently more romantic than ground level. Disneyland Paris is a beautiful park with many romantic and picturesque locations. If I was going to choose that park to pop the question I personally wouldn’t choose a stage to do so. But to each their own.


Wouldn’t a simple photobomb have been enough? Sheesh. What an a#####e.


It just looks so fake. If someone grabbed a diamond ring out of my hand, I would not smile, then slowly saunter after the thief.

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I feel bad for the castmember who probably received somewhere between a manager scolding and mandatory guest relations re-training, if not a termination for embarrassing The Mouse. Especially when castmembers are expected to be friendly but insistent with rule-breakers.


Ah, good point. He wasn’t interrupting for interrupting’s sake, they were in an area that was off limits.


Couple jumped a fence to get on the platform for the proposal. While I understand that the timing by the employee could have been better since the deed was already (or nearly) done, the entitlement by some of the people in that twitter thread is disappointing.

EDIT to say also come on BB please don’t give sexual assaulter Dave Portnoy’s platform a place here.


He’ll be fired. A cast member grabbing away a guest’s possession (assuming it isn’t a weapon or some other contraband) is a major faux pas at any Disney park.

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Agreed. Just seeing the name Barstool Sports bothers me more than anything in the tweet.

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Apparently Disneyland employees have to smile all the time, which makes the shitty tone of interactions like this inevitable. Taking the ring away was a dick move tho.

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From what I understand, another Disney employee who’s just off camera to the left had told them it was ok.

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Of all of the places in Paris to propose…


As I’ve heard, it was not only a fenced platform but they were standing next to a set of active pirotechnic loads prepared for the spectacle that was about to start.

So they were quite in a hurry to get them out of there.

Also, I did not heard about the employee that said to them “it was ok” but if someone between him and the guy who was getting them out the fastest way possible was to be fired, my bet is on the former.

You don’t joke with security in france

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