Man proposes to girlfriend on plane, then barfs before her


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So now let’s all… laugh at him forever?

I think I’ll just look away.


Hey, he got the girl AND a memorable story. What more could he ask for?


Let’s test that “sickness” one right out of the gate, hunh? :mask:


Now there is a marriage starting on the right foot. if you still want to be together during the awkward messy bits then you are doing it right.


That’s one way to get rid of those butterflies in your gut :wink:


A well documented aspect of diplomacy.


Pretty sure he’s okay with it, since the video is narrated from his POV. I’m with Mr Brainspore – she said yes and should they be blessed with kids and grandkids and g’grandkids, they’ll be telling this story forever. I say hurrah.


Maybe he just didn’t realize it was her turn.


Strangely enough, that’s how I feel after reading about stunt-marriage proposals as well.


For better or for worse…you know that’s love right there.


Different strokes for different folks. Ideally if you know someone well enough to propose marriage then you should know them well enough to accurately predict whether they’ll appreciate a “stunt” proposal or not.


This is a better story than my friend barfing on my face while I slept.


I read one story of a guy who proposed via sky writing. Wife didn’t wear her contacts. Couldn’t read it.


When I was in the third grade in a motel with my family I woke up in the middle of the night and had to vomit. Probably worried about being billed for a carpet cleaning, my dad comes and leads me to the bathroom while trying to catch my vomit in his hand. Fast forward about 30 years, I tell this story to my wife, who gets a very concerned look, and says “While I love you very very much, I just don’t think I could do that for you”. That’s always cracked me up.


A new tradition is born!


Corollary story: When our kid was about two she was in her car seat when we were about to head out and started to throw up. I didn’t have anything else handy so just stuck out my hands. So now I have a handful of vomit and, because this is how it works, am trying to encourage her to keep throwing up. Into my hands.

I eventually washed them off and we cleaned her up and the whole nine yards, and I don’t know that I would vomit into my own hands, but I’ll tell you right now that I’d catch their vomit every single time.

Parenting makes you do some messed up stuff really willingly.


Poor guy!!! This was not how he planned it!


a napkin.