Man proposes to girlfriend on plane, then barfs before her

The hand kiss was priceless! lol They’re going to be just fine.


Hey, don’t feel bad; I did the same thing.
Oh wait… you were in a plane?


I’m confused. Did the spewing happen before or after she said yes?


I’ve always wanted to hire a skywriter to write:
#“Karen, Will You Marry Me?”

(over a major city…just to put all the karen boyfriend’s on the spot…heeehee, could really be any popular name)


That’s just his subconsciousness telling him to not do it!

A true gentleman always ensures that his partner vomits first. First rule of chivalry.


Man proposes, then barfs before her [reply]


No no, you vomit together!

(Anyone that holds my hair when I spew is a goddamn friend for life)


Barfs in front of her

Are we talking about moustache and beard?


Last thing I want when I’m hurling is anyone else in the room at all. Times like that, I’m a dog crawling under the porch to die.


If that happened to me, I’d take anything I could get.

(I felt empathy for both, but dayum that was nice and constructive for both of them)

Yes. It could be both. To clarify, the temporal distinction of a vom (when) doesn’t exclude the physical one (where).

Meet puke?




There are few things worse than losing your glasses during a puke and not being able to find them afterwards. Especially when your eyes are bad enough that you’re functionally blind without them.


Once at a drinking party hosted by some people I didn’t know too well, I felt the heaves a-coming, knew I couldn’t make it to a sink, and resourcefully vomited into my shirt pocket.
Which rapidly overflowed.
Subsequently became good friends with said hosts, so there’s that…


I gave it a whole day an NO ONE made this reference?


Women also prefer colored gemstones, which are genuinely valuable, over diamonds which aren’t as pretty, weren’t popular at the time, and which do not have any intrinsic value. Men didn’t know crap about stones and so could be duped into this whole surprise proposal scenario. DeBeers sneaked the whole “pop the question” stunt into a bunch of movies in order to promote the idea of a “surprise” being a really cool thing and of course the woman could not return the ring or say no to such a wonderful and thoughtful surprise.

Prior to the 20th century, engagement rings were strictly luxury items, and they rarely contained diamonds. But in 1939, the De Beers diamond company changed all of that when it hired ad agency N.W. Ayer & Son. The industry had taken a nosedive in the 1870s, after massive diamond deposits were discovered in South Africa. But the ad agency came to the rescue by introducing the diamond engagement ring and quietly spreading the trend through fashion magazines. The rings didn’t become de rigueur for marriage proposals until 1948, when the company launched the crafty "A Diamond is Forever" campaign. By sentimentalizing the gems, De Beers ensured that people wouldn’t resell them, allowing the company to retain control of the market. In 1999, De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer confessed, "Diamonds are intrinsically worthless, except for the deep psychological need they fill."

In addition to diamond engagement rings, De Beers also promoted surprise proposals. The company learned that when women were involved in the selection process, they picked cheaper rings. By encouraging surprise proposals, De Beers shifted the purchasing power to men, the less-cautious spenders.


Haaa! well played.