#Emmys: Glenn Weiss proposes to his girlfriend while winning an Emmy for Best Directing for a Variety Special

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Yeah, yeah, yeah…

But what if she didn’t actually want to get married? That’s a metric fuckton of pressure to put on someone.


I like the “don’t ask unless you already know the answer” rule.


I often apply that rule on long road trips.


I was thinking the same. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



The public proposal is supposed to sound romantic to us women, or so ‘society’ tells us.

Me, I rather value my privacy and intimacy; and personally I wouldn’t want to share that moment with so many other random people, no matter what my answer is.


There are basically two kinds of public proposals:

  1. The kind in which a guy tries to impress his would-be fiancé with a grand romantic gesture, thus impressing her into saying “yes”
  2. The kind in which a guy knows his would-be fiancé well enough to know the answer would be “yes” no matter how the question is asked but will be genuinely thrilled by the extra gesture (obviously not all would-be fiancés fall into this category)

Not knowing anything about this couple I couldn’t begin to guess which category this proposal falls into.


I’m just saying there are people who are swooning all over this, and I’m like… eh, minor ‘TMI,’ yo.

But then again, I don’t even watch award shows (ever) and I wouldn’t even know about this, if it wasn’t online.


Well, I’ve been in the position where I just didn’t realize the other’s feelings are that intense.

Junior year of high school, where a long-time female friend came to class drunk and professed her love for me, but I didn’t feel the same. It was a pretty awkward moment.


Same here.

‘Awkward’ is an understatement.


Even if we agree all public proposals fall squarely in one of either of these categories, which will probably not be true but still, then I still think it is a bad idea to do a proposal in the second category because it will encourage the abuse from category one.

Having said all that, this is by far my favorite proposal video:


That sounds totally toe-curling (I’ve been in your suitor’s position, only sober). I hope you’ve both got over it.

Do your intimate thing in public, people ! Yikes !!

In general I’m terribly against public proposals (can you really believe a “yes!” if you have millions of strangers watching?), but I’m willing to give these folks the benefit of the doubt for two reasons:

  1. They aren’t young, so they probably aren’t COMPLETELY under the sway of the collective-societal-rom-com idea of “romantic” things that are actually terrible IRL, and

  2. Considering they are both in show business, they might have better than average odds of having a flair for the dramatic.

Three reunions so far, and I haven’t seen her. We both had a miserable time in high school for many reasons, but I’ve been wanting to give her some reassurance for many years now. I hope things got better for her.

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Dear gawd Xeni, you really need to deal with your addiction to Twitter and you compulsion to share all you find.


But what if he didn’t win?

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