Disneyland's iconic floral display changed to Minnie

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This change reminds me of that interview with the Arcade owner in Wayne’s World:


Cue the GQP hyperbolically complaining that “woke” culture has “canceled” Mickey in 3, 2 …


Thank god they didn’t put Mickey in black face for black history month.

I’ve got bad news for you. That’s basically his default look. A minstrel character, at the very least.

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This lacks some punch without the visual gag of the derogatory cue-cards.

How many in-production projects helmed by women directors, with majority women writers, cast, and crew on the payroll? None? Oh. Well I guess the flowers are pretty at least.

That was my first thought too.

My second thought was “why can’t my mind let me enjoy these sorts of things on their own merit?”

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I was there yesterday and didn’t notice. What a dope I am.

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