LEGO Steamboat Willie with Mickey and Minnie-figs

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Sweet! Does it come with a poster detailing all the changes to our copyright laws that have been enacted over the years to protect the mouse and the rest of the Disney empire at the expense of our creative commons?

(checked product page) Nope. It’s still pretty cool though.


That’s super fucking cute. I have a plush from a Disney Store of Steam Boat Willie Mickey and its one of my faves <3 Not sure if this is the exact one i have i’ll have to check later (i don’t think it is but still cute).


My first thought was, “This is somehow meant to mitigate the upcoming public domain release of this film, and fuck shit up some more.”


I’m sure that’s icing on the money cake.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Disney. I just don’t like how they continue to use their political influence and lobbyists to starve the commons while wringing out every possible dime from their old, old, so very old “intellectual property.” If they could make it so it just applies to their stuff, I could tolerate that. But it blocks EVERYTHING.


Surprised they aren’t in black-face. This is redolent of minstrel shows on the Mississippi steamboats, and would fit in with corporate ignorance.

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