Disney's exclusive Club 33 to open in four new locations

Not knowing about thing about Disney, the name Club 33 had a totally different connotation for me.

What’s the point of having a secret cabal of folks manipulating world events if those same people are doing it in the open anyway?

If you’re going to bother going through the trouble to have a select group of people running the world it should be the last people you’d ever expect, like night janitor Lenny Haberschmidt. Nobody would expect that guy.


For people with lots of money and little patience for the years-long waiting list to join the club, there’s actually another option inside of Disneyland now. For a mere $15k, you and up to a dozen of your closest friends can enjoy the “21 Royal” experience, which includes wine. It’s in the fancy apartment above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that at one point was planned as a private suite for Walt’s family, except he died before it was complete. Adjacent to club 33, but a different thing.


And, for what it’s worth, I happened to attend an event at California Adventure just last night that included open bars, so that was pretty sweet.


That is BONKERS, and this is the first I’d heard of it. Sadly (thankfully!) I do not have $15k to drop on a meal at Disney. The craziest I’ve gotten is dinner at Victoria & Albert’s.


Thanks to a ex colleague of both @doctorow and I (are you surprised?!), I’ve had the distinct honor of dining in Club 33. It is a moving, fascinating experience for anyone at all into Walt Disney (the person). It has an air of being both revered and sacred and special without being pretentious, and it was great fun. :slight_smile:

Pro tip: next time you’re at Disneyland, go ahead and hit the buzzer by the Club 33 sign: they usually let folks into the lobby (where the very first Otis elevator, the Otis 1, is housed!), and even snap a few pictures. :slight_smile:


I think the buffet is gone with the remodel… full service dining now…

That’s right, I’d forgotten that they remodeled; when I went pre-remodel, the buffet was a sort of additional appetizer area you’d get along with the full service entree. I also remember a sort of big samovar full of soup and a guy serving out of little demitasse cups.

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