Disney's Nine Old Men: box-set of flipbooks


How cool: Walt Kellys’ (my hero) drinking and music making buddies…hard working geniuses each and every one.

Are those peg holes/reference marks for lining these things up on an animation table along the bottom? If so that’s kind of astounding and prescient. Understanding people might want to run these as a proper animation and inviting them to do so. (Although to do it right you’d have to tear up the binding.)

Fingerpunk Flipbooks?

Yes, those are pegbar holes. Exactly as you imagine they’re used…It would have been nice to see these demonstrated by someone with a smoother ‘flipping’ action.

I love that Brad Bird was able to give Thomas and Johnston cameos in Iron Giant and The Incredibles before they passed on. It was a nice tribute to his mentors as well as a symbolic passing of the torch.

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